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DeeJay Jewelers, Rock Solid Since 1984

As the son of a jeweler, I spent many hours hanging around my dad's store from a very young age. Although I was supposed to stay in the back, I remember constantly peeking over the glass countertops on tiptoes, curiously trying to catch a glimpse of what was going on. Later, as a teenager, I worked weekends and holidays by my father's side, and that experience sparked a passion in me that would eventually guide my life journey. I learned diamond expertise and communication skills from my father, but more importantly, he taught me strong business ethics, fairness and integrity. These qualities are the foundation of Delavar Jewelers, (d.b.a. DeeJay Jewelers) the manufacturing and wholesale company I established with my brother in 1984. As national suppliers of 14k gold mountings and settings for decades, we earned a stellar reputation among our colleagues and peers within the jewelry industry.

Business was booming until 2001, when foreign imports laws and new global suppliers suddenly changed the face of US industry, especially small businesses. We sadly witnessed many families unexpectedly forced out of their livelihoods, and we knew we had to rethink our business plan to avoid the same fate. With hard work and commitment, we successfully restructured, redirected and rebuilt our manufacturing business, one stone at a time.

Over the last 20 years, we've channeled our experience and knowledge of jewelry mountings into perfecting our Tennis Jewelry Collection. We're now a husband and wife team, wholesale suppliers to local retailers, and successful eBay sellers,  DeeJay Jewelers, since 2004. Here in Los Angeles, our factory and wholesale office is home to a passionate, talented team of local artisans and skilled craftsmen, who collaborate to create our stunning, yet wearable, masterpieces. Each piece is as unique as you! We're proud to offer our handcrafted, USA-made line of luxurious diamond tennis necklaces, bracelets, and earrings - for your joy and your budget.

Eddie Delavar

Delavar Jewelers, Inc.

d.b.a. DeeJay Jewelers



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